Keeping track of business shouldn't be hard

Most business tools are disjointed and clunky.
Coretal brings everything together for your team meaning no missed deadlines, improved client comms and less time managing and more time doing what matters.

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  Finally, your business in one place for the first time.

  • Dashboard - Dark mode
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    Full Personalised Overview

    Create and customise your Dashboard to bring everything important into view.

    Coming Soon Multiple Dashboards

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    Up for ANY job 💪

    Create a Board for any project, tasks, lists, processes, records, contacts - you name it, you can build a Board for it

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    Make it personal.

    A CRM is a very personal thing.

    We believe that it should be designed by you; so we built it that way. Custom fields. Drag and drop columns. Event tracking. Link contacts into Projects, Boards, Invoices, Proposals and more.

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    Getting paid should be easy

    You've done the work and now it's time to get paid. 

    Build and send invoices directly through Coretal.

    Create invoices that people want to pay.

  • Coretal Invoices
  • Project Overview
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    Altogether now 🎉

    The one place to see it all. Make it easy for everyone involved and stop the last minute frantic search for documents or the endless email chains to see where you're up to with something. Our Projects area makes life easier for everyone involved.

Features to compliment every team

Elevate your team and business the easy way 🔥

  • Customisable Dashboards

    Build your own dashboard with widgets that show the inormation that you need.

  • Customisable CRM

    Work it, make it
    Do it, makes us
    Harder, better
    Faster, stronger 🎵

    - Words by Daft Punk after using Coretal's CRM (or so we'd like to think)

  • Easy Invoices

    Build invoices that reflect your business. Add tasks, services, items against an invoice. Build in tax and discounts. 

  • Bring your Project Together

    Bring briefs, invoices, proposals, contracts, boards and your team into a single place. Remove stress and save time with everything in one place. 

  • Team Management

    Unicorn Platform is a powerful website builder for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers.
  • Get Paid on Your Terms

    We've integrated with Stripe to allow you to get paid direct from an invoice.

  • Custom Fields

    Create the fields you need to power your team and business.

  • Proposals

    Build proposals that convert. Our block based editor allows you to add images, videos, text, tables and pre-saved blocks to speed up turn around. 

  • Board Management

    Your information should work for you. We've created Boards to be independent or linked to a Project. We don't believe information should be hidden deep within Projects and folders.

  • More Features

    We're jam packed with features. Continue the adventure.

      👉 Less expensive than a dysfunctional team 👈

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